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Alpha Palliative care Overseas chapter

The role of the Alpha Palliative Care Overseas Chapter is instrumental in supporting the activities of Alpha Palliative Care services in India. This support is multifaceted, encompassing financial, strategic, and operational assistance. A key responsibility of the chapter is to initiate and establish new palliative care centers across India, with a specific focus on regions like North, West, East, and North-East where the presence of such services is limited.

Despite being a crucial component of modern medicine, palliative care in India faces inadequate support and representation. This gap results in less than 5% of palliative patients having access to acceptable quality care. The Alpha Palliative Care Overseas Chapter recognizes the pressing need for action in this regard and is dedicated to continuously educating and increasing awareness within society. By addressing these challenges, the chapter plays a pivotal role in enhancing the reach and impact of palliative care services across the country.

Alpha Palliative care Overseas chapter membership

By becoming a member of the Alpha Palliative Care Overseas Chapter, you are extending a much-needed helping hand to support countless fellow human beings who are experiencing severe physiological and emotional pain.

Your membership fees of Indian Rupees 25,000 (twenty-five thousand) per annum serve as a small but impactful token towards the great cause of advancing palliative care in India. This membership fee, combined with other funds raised, is entirely utilized to support the activities of Alpha Palliative Care in India.

Your contribution as a member plays a crucial role in making a difference in the lives of those in need. It enables us to provide essential support, care, and comfort to individuals facing challenging health circumstances. Join us in this noble endeavor, and together, let's make a meaningful impact on the journey towards compassionate and dignified palliative care in India.

How to become a member.

Please fill in the details below and register for the payment using Indian bank issued cards. Please contact us if you need any assistance at Donations@alphapalliativecare.org and or +91 94977 13224

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Alpha Palliative Care

Alpha palliative care is the largest not for profit palliative care organization operating in India. Alpha Palliative care currently has 18 centres all over Kerala, India and has close to 11,000 patients under care.

In addition to the conventional palliative care, Alpha Palliative Care expanded the scope of palliative care to include victims of all life limiting diseases from the very inception in the year 2005 when the home care services were started. Over a period of time Alpha Palliative Care expanded further to cover people suffering from restricted mobility such as stroke survivors, accident survivors, spinal cord injury like paraplegia and quadriplegia, people with various other neurological disorders, age-related frailty and people with chronic kidney disease needing dialysis. Alpha palliative care dialysis facility currently operates 25 dialysis machines and offer 3 shifts per day, 26 days per month, as of now.

Alpha Palliative Care Policy

At Alpha Palliative Care, we are committed to caring for our patients and their families with the utmost respect, recognizing them as individual human beings with unique needs as perceived by them.

Our pledge includes delivering appropriate care directly to the doorstep of the patient. We understand the importance of preserving their choice to either receive treatment and care at home, visit Alpha Hospices, or access Link Centers for symptom control. This approach ensures that patients have the flexibility to choose the setting that best suits their preferences, whether it's the comfort of their home, an outpatient clinic, or a hospice.

We are dedicated to providing treatment and care without discrimination, upholding the principles of equality and inclusivity. Regardless of race, religion, caste, creed, gender, political affiliation, or socio-economic status, every individual receives the same high standard of care at Alpha Palliative Care. Our commitment is to create an environment where everyone feels valued, respected, and supported throughout their care journey.


Alpha Palliative Care is driven by a mission to enhance the quality of life for individuals experiencing pain and distress due to life-limiting illnesses. Our commitment to this mission is unwavering and extends to all, without discrimination on grounds such as race, religion, caste, creed, gender, political affiliation, or socio-economic condition.

We fulfill our mission by delivering palliative care precisely at the hour of need and at the place where it is needed the most. Importantly, our services are provided free of any cost to the receiver, reflecting our dedication to removing financial barriers to essential care. Our duty of care towards the community guides us in ensuring that individuals facing life-limiting illnesses receive the support and compassion they deserve, irrespective of their background or circumstances.


Absolutely, the sentiment expressed is profound and aligns with principles of compassion, dignity, and shared responsibility. Ensuring that individuals have the opportunity to enjoy a good quality of life before death is indeed a fundamental human right. Additionally, providing support for a dignified and compassionate end-of-life experience is equally crucial.

The notion that helping one another is a duty, not merely an act of charity, reflects a commitment to collective well-being and emphasizes the shared responsibility we have as members of a community. It reinforces the idea that supporting each other in times of need is not just a benevolent gesture but an essential obligation rooted in our shared humanity. This perspective encourages a more inclusive and compassionate society where care and support are integral components of our collective responsibility.