About Us

In the realm of compassionate care and unwavering commitment, Alpha Palliative Care stands as the largest home-based provider in the country, spanning the picturesque landscapes of Kerala. Our mission is resolute: to offer free-of-cost palliative support, extending solace and holistic care to those navigating their most challenging moments.

 Our commitment to holistic care knows no bounds, with Alpha hospices and Alpha Link centres tirelessly operating around the clock as beacons of compassion. In the continuous pursuit of alleviating physical pain, we transcend conventional palliative services, delving into the emotional and spiritual well-being of every individual under our care.

 Beyond our core palliative services, we reach further to enhance the overall quality of life for our patients. The Punarjani initiative provides free physiotherapy, while essential dialysis support is a crucial component of our comprehensive care approach. At Alpha, we acknowledge the diverse needs of our community and ardently strive to meet them with dedicated expertise.

 At the heart of our success is a team of passionate and competent professionals who take pride in delivering the highest quality of care. True compassion, for us, is not merely a service; it is a commitment that our team embodies in every interaction. We go above and beyond expectations, ensuring that every individual under our care feels valued and receives the utmost dedication.

When you choose Alpha Palliative Care, you choose an environment where compassionate care harmonizes with unmatched commitment. Here, every life is not just attended to but is cherished and cared for with a level of dedication that sets us apart.