Alpha Palliative Care is one of the largest home based Palliative Care provider in the country, based in the southern state of Kerala. The Students Association of Palliative Care (SAPC) is one of the initiative of Alpha Palliative Care which is to create awareness in the young and vibrant student community about Palliative care. It is to remind the youth about the needs of the people suffering from pain and distress and do their bit, however small it be, to alleviate their sufferings.
The SAPC Palliative Care Clubs are formed in schools and colleges, and the students are trained to recognise and help the patients in their locality. In order to achieve this mission the active involvement of the School College management and the Parent–Teacher Associations is essential.



A new generation of civil society committed to deliver total palliative care, sensitized and supported by the student power.



To create a union of student groups who are equipped and empowered through their activities to propagate the message of palliative care and in turn provide an active total health care to those in need.






The Palliative Care Students Volunteers will  have regular Hospice Visits to the nearby Hospice. They are given opportunities to interact with the patients and bystanders. They can also undertake home care visits along with the multi disciplinary team. An orientation regarding the need of physiotherapy is also given. 


The Alpha Palliative Care will issue quarterly magazine named ‘Mandaram’ for the Students for Palliative Care. The magazine will include the activities of the Palliative Clubs organized in the various schools.


Students State Conferences are organized by SAPC every year. The main focus is to bring all the students who are ready to volunteer for palliative care under one umbrella. The Conference aims to increase the palliative care awareness among them. Different scientific session and the interaction with the reputed Doctors, Social Workers and other Faculties create a network and also it will be a learning experience for them.



Every movement to be sustaining, requires regular encouragement and motivation. The palliative care clubs in the various schools will be awarded with certificates and mementos based on their excellent performances in the field of palliative care on an annual basis. This would serve as an achievement for the schools that focuses on the all-round development of their children.


Charity events are a great way to raise awareness for a cause, to raise funds and build reputation of a charity within the wider community. This programs are a community based activity proposed to maximize resources for further palliative services in the best possible way. The profit gained will be channelized for palliative care services.



Office: Alpha Palliative Care Thrissur Hospice, Pottayil Lane, 
M.G. Road, Thrissur-680 004
Phone: 94977 13967, 0487 2387 072
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