Frequently asked questions

How to register a patient for our service?

A close relative of the patient has to come in person with relevant documents (Discharge summaries, scan reports etc.) to our centre during working hours. Patients need not come personally to register.

What are the services we offer?

HOME CARE (Doctor & Nurses Home Care) for cancer and bedridden patients due to various illnesses like age related frailty, dementia, parkinsonism, head injury, stroke etc. PHYSIOTHERAPY for patients with restricted mobility due to stroke, paraplegia, quadri plegia, parkinsonism and for CHILDREN with cerebral palsy like disorders. IN PATIENT CARE (24x7) at our Edamuttam Hospice for cancer patients as well as for physiotherapy patients. OUT PATIENT CARE (09.00 am to 05.00 pm) at our Hospices and Link Centres. DAY CARE (09.00 am to 05.00 pm) at our Hospices and Link Centres. REHABILITATION (Distribution of Aids for patients, Alpha Weddings for unwed daughters of our patients) for patients and family with the support of community volunteers.

Do we need to pay for services?

No. All our services (Home Care, Physiotherapy, In Patient Care, Out Patient Care and Medicine) are absolutely FREE of cost. Anybody can donate as per their wish.

Is Morphine available in your centres?

Yes. All our centres provide Morphine for pain releif.

How can I become a Volunteer in Alpha Palliative Care?

Anybody who is willing to undergo Volunteer Training can become a volunteer. Contact number : +91 94977 13919.

Do you give Chemo Therapy in your centres?

No. We provide only palliative care which focus on symptom relief, pain management and end of life care. We empower the family to look after patients at home.

Do you provide Physiotherapy Service at home?

Physiotherapy Home Care is only for initial patient assessment. We recommend our patients to come to our centre for regular physiotherapy. For poor patients we provide transportation service with the help of community volunteers.

How can I Donate to Alpha Palliative Care?

One time DONATION can be given either by cheque or cash. Monthly donations (Minimum Rs. 100 or above) can be transfered through ECS. Exemption granted for Donation U/S 80G (5) (vi) of the Income Tax Act 1961 vide order No. CIT-TCR/TECH/80G-22/2009-10. Pan No: AABTA4003C.

Where is your service located?

Alpha Palliative Care is one of the largest Home Based Palliative Care provider in India, based in the southern state of Kerala. Alpha operates through 16 Link Centers located in various block panchayaths and one Hospice at Edamuttam (Near Triprayar, Thrissur District). Hospice provide In Patient Care for cancer & physiotherapy patients. Link Centres Provide physiotherapy, home care & day care services.

Is Palliative Care only for terminally ill cancer patients?

Palliative Care begins with diagnosis of life limiting diseases like cancer, end stage kidney disease, liver failure, respiratory failure, cardiac failure, end stage pakinsonism, dementia etc. Any bedridden patient is eligible for palliative care which ensures quality of life.

Is Palliative Care services only for poor?

No. Both poor and rich will need palliative care to improve quality of life once their disease stop responding to curative treatment.