Alpha Palliative Care is one of the largest Home Based Palliative Care provider in the country based in Kerala. Alpha hospices working 24X7 hours at Edamuttam,Thrissur, Kochi, Alappuzha, Kasaragod and 12 Link Centres in many block Panchayats. Alpha provide Palliative Care for 5500 patients on any given day. Alpha has provided services to over 14847 patients by now. Specially trained doctors, physiotherapists and nurses focus on medical care and hundreds of community volunteers for social care. All services, including Home Care, In-Patient care, Physiotherapy Care with medicines are Palliative Medicine is a relatively new branch of medicine which focuses on the care of patients suffering from chronic progressive conditions as well as life-limiting illness such as cancer and end-stage organ failure.Patients facing life limiting illnesses as well as their families often confront physical, emotional,socio-economic and spiritual distress,which adversely affect the quality of their life.

Palliative Care addresses these issues by providing ‘Total Care’ to the patient at their home environment through a ‘Team Work Approach’,incorporating not only various Medical Professionals but also Volunteers from the Community.

The Aim of Palliative Care is to alleviate the suffering of such patients by providing relief from pain and other distressing physical symptoms,to provide emotional support by adequate counseling to both the patient and the family,to empower the family and to care for patients at home and to working with community to ensure social and spiritual support.It is a pity that in our country only 2 % of the patients receive palliative care. Extending access to a much wider community, and to where it matters, is therefore of paramount importance and a key goal of our out-reach programmes.



Most individuals that require palliative care are tended to by their family and friends. But, this is not always feasible. Here lies the importance of a of a palliative care team. Our palliative teams comprise of physicians, pharmacists, nurses, social workers, psychologists, spiritual counselors and other allied health professionals such as nutritionists, physiotherapists and occupational therapists. All these services are provided totally free of cost to all patients under our care!
We provide opportunities for both the individual and their family to play an active role in planning care. The patient and his or her family are encouraged to choose the kind of care they would require. Each team would then be customized based on these requirements.

Volunteers play a very important role in palliative care, providing support services such as family support, companionship for the patients, relief for the caregiver when required and transportation. If required, we also arrange for home support workers for the families.

Any donation received is used solely for providing medical care, except those received for specific needs such as weddings of the patient’s children, education sponsorship etc.



Our mission is to ensure that palliative care is available and accessible to all people across the southern state of Kerala, India.The Alpha Pain Clinic aims to enhance the quality of lives of people by relieving them of their suffering at a physical and mental level.



Vision 2020 Alpha Palliative Care envisages a self-supporting palliative care network in every Panchayath and every municipality of India where community volunteers and nurses under the supervision of palliative trained doctors will provide 24-hour services at doorstep and no patient will suffer unnecessarily for want of palliative care during their lifetime.


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Dr. M.R. Rajagopal

ChairmanPallium India & 

Prof. of Pain &Palliative Medicine.SUT Hospital,


Dr. Suresh Kumar


Institute of Palliative Medicine,


Mr. Tanvir Kanji

Managing Director

Inca Tanvir AdvertisingLtd,


Mr. Suresh Kumar


Values Group,


Dr. K.K. Mohandas

Consultant Ophthalmologist & Managing Partner, Elite Mission Hospital, Thrissur

Mr. Ashraf Ali M.A.

Exe. Director

Emke Group



Mr. Sajan Mathew


Alpha Palliative



Mr. Ravi Kannampillil

Managing. Partner

MSI Alnoman & Ravi Chartered Accountants, UAE

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Mr. Innocent

Hon. MP, Chalakkudy

Cine Artist

President, AMMA

Mr. Joy Alukkas


Joy Alukkas


Mr. V.P. Nandakumar


Manappuram Group

of Companies

Mr. V.A. Hassan

Managing Director



Mr. T.S. Kalyanaraman

Chairman & Managing Director

Kalyan Jewellers

Kalyan Group

Padma Shri Dr.

T.A. Sundar Menon

CEO & Chairman

Sun Group

Mr. Siddharth Balachandran

Managing Director

Bumga Group

Mr. M.P. Ahmed


Malabar Gold

& Diamonds

Dr. Sunny Kurian


Dr. Sunny’s  Health Care


Capt. Vivek Bali

Managing Partner

Mubarak Marine

Dubai, UAE

Mrs. Suma Velekkat Rajappan

CMD,  Maisaloon Group

Sharjah, UAE


Mr. K.M. Noordeen

Alpha Palliative Care

Alpha Charitable Trust

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